About Me

I'm Oracle Development Team leader for many years but recently switched track to Business Analytics in the year of 2016.
I'm still learning the new skills required in Business Analytics and already impressed by how much the Business Analytics function contribute to business value.

About ChinYong.net

This domain was registered in 2011 by myself to learn how to set up a website.
In that time, I were a full-time Oracle developer and have zero exposure to any web-related project during my work. All I did were Oracle related technologies & Unix.
This has resulted in an attempt to learn something new which is setting up a brand new website from scratch during my free time after working hours.

It turned out setting a website from purchasing a domain, setting up DNS up to hosting a website were pretty easy. The tough part was to define the purpose, target audience and how to create great contents on the website.

In my attempt to create a forum for general discussions, it was not successful because of very less traffic and the participants were only my family members and a few friends.
This has resulted in linking the domain to my personal blog for a while and then finally turned to be my personal website, email and dynamic DNS for my personal servers.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me using the link provided in the contact section.



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